Monday, August 24, 2009

Dark Force In the North

Lord Sidious's dark force is now entering Kedah and purposely announced it during the by-election pf Permatang Pasir at Penang. The logic is simple, to make those PR controlled state look like as corrupted as BN-rulled the states before.

This EXCO of Kedah, Lunas assemblyman Mohd Radzhi Salleh, just quited his PKR party and still hope to keep his EXCO? Maybe by this way he can have more allowances from the positions he is holding...... Any logic of independence candidate yet part of the desicion making body in the state?

Anwar just told the press that this guy was probed by MACC months ago and having financial problem. It seems like the strategy BN used in Perak power grab!!! Is Najib so eager to grab the power and can't wait for another 2-3 years? Should he spend more time on economic and A(H1N1) problem rather than want to grab back the power from all the PR-controlled states? He may win this time, but he maybe the last UMNO PM as well after 2-3 years from now!!!!

After Najib, now the second most hated man in DPM...... such a racist can be a DPM?

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