Friday, October 23, 2009

MCA EGM & the Jokers

What a joke and the sandiwara-kaw-kaw EGM plus schenes behind the stage, now Chua and OTK come to peace with the advice of Najib!

Liow took the 2nd man MCA post, so what is left for Chua? A normal MCA member? The drama won't stop here as Chua is still waiting for the final result from ROS. Shall ROS says Chua is still the Dep President, will there be another fight for the post.

After all, 3rd force is the one who is going to piss off. What is the point of having EGM and then both declined to step down! No eyes see.......

However, according to Malaysiakini, the peaceful unity is achieved in order to "clear-the-worms" in MCA itself. Soon, more heads will roll in MCA especially those who force OTK to quit in the last 2 weeks. Wait and see....

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