Wednesday, October 14, 2009

28 Oct DUN Perak

Another fight in Perak Dun? Maybe PR Perak should spend more time to serve the people, show to them PR can make a change in Perak. What i afraid is people might get piss off with the never-ending power struggle in Perak, when we all know that all agencies are helping BN to toppled the PR government. I guess by this way, they can at least gain the trust from the people and win back the state in the next election with more seats.

But i do agree to always maintain the "temperature", to a point at least the people still angry with the power grabing by BN. But not until the DUN meeting not able to proceed as people will see it as disrupting the development of the state economy. People still think that feeding the family (short term) is more important than the 2 groups of politicians fighting (long term) here and there.

Mean while can this
Ganesan shut his mouth up!!!!

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