Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Where is IPCMC?

Refresh your memory as Malaysians tend to forget things, very fast!

Early this year, an Indian youth was found dead in custody in Selangor. First post-mortem found that he died of fluids in the lungs. Family of the youth not satisfied and requested for 2nd post-mortem. Results came out this week, it showed that he was badly beaten and starved, he died of acute kidney failure.

Then the we shift the story to the north where 6 Indians were shot to death by police during a shoot-out at a house in Kampung Kemunting, Karangan, in Kulim. According to MPs of PR, out of the six suspected criminals shot dead by police, one was a partially-blind man while another suffered from mental problems. The MPs also claimed to have evidence to show all six men had bullet holes at the top of their heads. If the claim is true, how come in a shoot-out, police were so accurate and sharp that all 6 of them had a bullet hole in their head?

And sadly, most of the incidents and news we heard were involving our indian friend. Not to be racist, but at least treat all the suspects with humanity. They are innocent until proven in court.

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