Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour Malaysia

Tonight at 8.30pm, switch off your light for one hour till 9.30pm to support 60 Earth Hour. An event to create awareness to all people of this earth, to save the world for our future generation.

The world is getting hotter now and you got to take action to reduce the global warming. Kyoto Protocol is expired in 2012 and the world leaders are still negotiating to extend to next phase. Due to human activities, forests are being opened up for development, fossil fuel is combusted in almost every sector, gases that has the global warming potential (GWP) of 21x till few thousand times have released million of tonnes of CO2 equivalent to the atmosphere every year.

As per today, there is a total of 1530 CDM projects registered under UNFCCC. Out of this number, Malaysia has 44 projects which mostly in palm oil related sector (biogas recovery, biomass project for heat and power generation), mini hydro, EFB/biomass composting, energy efficiency projects, fuel swiching, etc.

To give an idea how much you are contributing to global warming just from your house's electricity consumption, refer the info below:

Region - 2007
Peninsular Malaysia - 0.695 tCO2/MWh
Sarawak - 0.861 tCO2/MWh
West of Sabah - 0.788 tCO2/MWh
East of Sabah - 0.800 tCO2/MWh

If you stay in P. Malaysia, for every MWh yo used, you are generating 695 kg of CO2. So next time when you leave your aircond ON when nobody is using that, think twice, as you are releasing the CO2 into the atmosphere........This is just power consumption, not taking into account on the petrol that you are burning everyday!

Think for FUTURE! ACT NOW!

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