Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mini Budget - My comments

The mini budget seem like target more to middle class and above.

If you were poor, can you own the car? And if you happened to own a car, will you wanna scrap the car and again "vomit" out extra money for monthly installment? This is more to help the Proton and Perodua. If you have money, you will rather spend on daily needs.

For house buyer who sign S & P after 10 March 2009 will get tax deduction on the interest paid to bank up to RM10k for 3 years. Again, this is meant for middle class rakyat and above. To eligible for tax, your salary must be around RM2,500 a mth and above. If you were the poor, you don't even dream of the house as you cant afford, anyway you do not need to pay the tax with monthly salary below RM2,5000! Again, this measure is to help the developers!

And for other infrastructure development, by the time it's starts (after going through tender process, procurement, etc) and finish, the hardest period (suffer by rakyat) has been gone.

There is no direct benefit to the people in this mini budget in my opinion. But i am not accountant or economist, i might be wrong.

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