Thursday, June 05, 2008

After General Election, Now is General Erection

All prices of goods, foods, utilities and everything are increasing. Electricity up 18% for domestic users (unless you are using less than 200 kWh a mth) and 26% for commercial & industrial effectively on 1st July 2008, transportation charges also will increase and passing all the cost to end users. Will roti canai end up selling one piece at RM1.50? Broiler chicken ceiling price will also remove soon......

Question is, does the market ready for this changes? According to Pak Lah,
inflation expected to increase to 4 - 5% and an impact on the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth.

Pak Lah also asked the rakyat not to demo on the street. Do you think so? One of the proposed location by Kit Siang is very near to my office and my MIL house, Jalan Pasar.
11.30am today, infront AM Bank and RHB Bank, near the traffic light.

News from Malaysiakini:


6月5日 12点43分


民主行动党中央政策与策略委员会主席兼怡保东区国会议员林吉祥(Lim Kit Siang),昨日晚上在其部落格宣布,这两场示威行动将分别在怡保和吉隆坡举行。


第二场示威在吉隆坡,则会在早上11时30分在富都的巴刹路(Jalan Pasar,Pudu)前举行。




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