Tuesday, August 19, 2008

57th Blood Donation

Just started back my blood donation after atopped for 7.5 months due to surgery. Not because i did not want to donate after the surgery but because the rules said so, i must wait at least 6 months. Donated my Whole Blood last Saturday and i need to wait for another 3 months before i can start back my Plasma Donation. 3 months, very long for me, i wish to start next week if i can! Anyway, the nurse told me actually i can start donate after 2 months, but better stick to 3 months..... I do not want to waste my time coming to PDN and lated rejects by doctor!

Even after 7.5 months of "no" torturing to my vein, i did not feel the pain when the nurse inserted the big-blood-sucking-needle into my right hand without the anesthetic. Just love the warm-bloody-liquid following out from my body......Welcome back to blood-donation world!

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