Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Boon Siew Honda

The brand that all Penangite will know, Honda. All my family members use only honda, considered to be most reliable, tahan lasak, fuel saving, no emission of white-smelly-like-heck smoke, less maintenance cost (4T bike). I also own a EX5 100 cc Honda bike.

Since Loh Boon Siew passed away years ago, his empirer built since 1957 gone part by part. From his Honda car sole distributorship to recently
Honda bikes which cut by half to 50% of equity left.

Every empirer has its beginning and its end. Seem like the history can tell us that. What about BN?

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KIAN MING said...

everything must change!
I'm also a honda bike supported, i'm use EX5 100 cc and a 70cc honda cub!
Honda bike is the most reliable vesicle.