Friday, June 06, 2008

Why only 1st Apr 2008 till 31st Mar 2009?

I quite don't understand the condition of only cars and bikes that renew their road tax from 1st April 2008 till 31st March 2009 able for "rebate" RM625 and RM150 respectively?

Is that means those cars that renewed their road tax early this year are not able to enjoy the rebate, even though they paid the income tax, road tax, what ever blardy taxes?

Anyone can explain?


Bayaran ini meliputi kenderaan dengan cukai jalan yang berkuatkuasa 1 April 2008 hingga 31 Mac 2009.

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kean-jin lim said...

this is the reason, RM625, RM150 fuel rebates a one-off

“The rebate is one-off for one year. We will have to make a decision in March whether or not we will continue it. There will be a decision involved at that point of time,” Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop told The Edge Financial Daily in an exclusive interview.