Thursday, June 26, 2008

RM2,000 is minimum?

According to Amirsham A.Aziz (Minister of Prime Minister's Department - EPU), those earn less than RM2,000 considere low income group. It is also means that most of the fresh graduates are low income group as thier average starting pay is less than Rm2,000/mth.

During my father time, his pay was RM2/mth back in 1963. Of course the things were cheap as well during that time. By the time i was in primary school, my mum salary around RM 800 - 900, considered average salary. Still sufficient for the whole family after with my father income plus some saving. By the time i finished my study and started working in 2002, i got ~ Rm1,800 / mth. Masih ok lagi that time, petrol still cheap what, things still cheap as well. By the time my sister able to find a job in this 1 -2 mths i hope, she only able to get about RM2,000.00. The different of RM200 in six year period, but with highest inflation ever recorded, it is like nothing and in fact the money is shrinking. Two kids - still can la, One Kid - comfortable, No kid - at least one la. Go for two la, boring mah my son.

Conclusion: Work harder to get more money la.

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