Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Another Hell Jam Created by Police

Updates 10 - 11 am :
The police have nothing to do yet creating another jam at highway leading to KL. I was stuck in jam for no bloody reason and i was late for work. Worst still, radio station only mentioned there is jam at Taman Midah at Cheras and cars moving slowly toward KL while there are accidents at KL-Seremban highway but actually is the police road block near there (as confirmed by my colleagues that used KL-Seremban and Taman Midah). Another block is at abondon Esso station at BESRAYA highway (i am the victim). One of my colleague wearing yellow long sleeve and was stopped by police for IC. Too sensitive! Mad cow sensitive to Red, but our Malaysia Police sensitive to Yellow which is in fact royal colour.

What the heck is going on with the police? It is becomoing a POLICE STATE.

Go and crack down the crime la ....... not craking down the people!


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