Monday, December 18, 2006

Change Life Style, Change Government

We, Rakyat, were told by the Government that BN_lead_Government no longer able to pay compensation to those highway concessionaires (which mostly control by GLCs and in fact we, Rakyat, were asked by the Government to pay the Government) and the leaders asking us, Rakyat, to help to pay some.

We, Rakyat, were told by DPM, Najib, to change life style by using public transport when the BN_lead_Government increase the petrol price suddenly, few hours before it took effective.

Then, Rakyat, like me, who can't afford to pay more petrol, tolls and hell jam in KL, decided to change life style by going to work using KTM Komuter and Putra LRT - a very pack yet not up to par public transport provider, again provided by Government after RM 4.5b rescue action which i did contribute some through my tax money. Rakyat, no choice and were forced to change life style to adapt to a more challenging environment. Out of no where, Rakyat like me, switch to public transport.

Too busy to collect money after making a hell loss of money due to improper management, high ticket fares and Rakyat not yet changed life style at that time, now the Putra LRT trains are in bad shape, not once, but many many time in 2006 alone. Last friday 15 Dec 2006 and today (18 Dec 2006) also having some so-called technical problem. Trains were moving extremly slow, stop few minutes at each station. And the most piss off thing is they announce it when you had enter the station after paying the ticket. What the heck is it?


Anonymous said...

Are u sure the new government would bring hope to us, RAKYAT? Look at Taiwan, any better after they changed government? and they might change again in 2008. And don't always ask what government can do for u but what can u do to help!!!

KokHong said...

forgot to put ur name huh... :) i guess my friend here is not asking for a NEW GOVERNMENT but a change for a better future, a more efficient government, in terms of utilizing/spending the government or the Rakyat's wealth efficiently. NO OFFENCE, its merely my humble opinion though. KOKHONG

aruri said...

It's greed, baby. They want easy way to make money and power, but too dumb to think of the consequences. When things like this happen, they will always say "Inilah kehendak Allah, apa nak buat, sudah berlaku, kita kena terima hakikat lah" Then they resign. It's so predictable.
Hey, any rumours that the Mongolian model who was murdered was actually Najip's dai yi lai? Cover up! Cover up!

Kean Hong said...

dear anonymous,

50 years is enough. i don't want my children need to wait for another 50 years. Taiwan might be changed again, but at least the new goverment that brought down Guo Ming Dang bring hope to the people. So, why not let the people, as the boss to Government, use thier brain given by GOD, to justify, to decide what they want, what i want for the future. You might living in the comfort zone, majority of us NOT!!! I deserve the right to question the Government how they spend my tax money, so do you. So don't question my right, as tax payer, as Rakyat!!