Thursday, December 28, 2006

Special Task Force - Taxi Driver

BN lead government is very creative. From full control of mainstream media, then try to control blogging (try la, not successful yet), now using taxi to "feed" data to Rakyat. It is something like "pocket reference book" that we used to have when we are in SPM. But here they called it Saku Maklumat. But for me, i can't read it, or else i will vomit in the car, dizzy ler reading in car me...

Quote The Star:

More than 250 taxi drivers in the Kinta Valley have been roped in by the Government in its efforts to feed the people with correct information.

Each of the drivers were supplied with an information kit containing materials on Government policies and its decisions on certain issues.

"By doing this, we hope those engaged in coffee shop discussions can talk facts and not unfounded stuff when raising issues affecting the country,"

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