Thursday, December 28, 2006

Anti Toll Hike

As my wife is one of the Rakyat that will travel to work using LDP. From previously RM 1.00 to RM 1.60 on 1st January 2007, an increase of 60%. My wife need to "vomit" out another RM 1.20/day just to feed the Pirate. As DPM Najib asked Rakyat "let's make 2007 special", so i guess this is one of the "special" besides all the specials he asked!!!

Quote Sinchew:




Ya, just to remind those people who are going to celebrate Chinese New Year, please pray hard that the importing of preserved duck, lap cheong, etc. is not retricted because it is not halal. Or else, make your own lap cheong and preserved duck from khinzir and kampung duck lah!!! This is another special from Najib too!!

One more question, since we cannot import due to haram issue, can we export ah?

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