Tuesday, October 10, 2006

NEP - Never Ending Policy?

The NEP - stated goal of poverty eradication and economic restructuring so as to eliminate the identification of ethnicity with economic function. The initial target was to move the ratio of economic ownership in Malaysia from a 2.4:33:63 ratio of Bumiputra, Other Malaysian, Foreigner ownership to a 30:40:30 ration.

Recently a lot of argument on ASLI and EFU report on the ownership of Malays. Some leader even said the ASLI report is rubbish (here too) !! Whether it is 45% or 18.9%, it is not important.

The most important fact is, that i think: NEP help the rich Malays become richer, the poor Malays become poorer. What do you think? Because i believe the poor people in kampung, they cant afford to buy shares in KLSE as compared to those cronies in town that lobbying around the politicians. The method of distributing the wealth need to look into but definitely not the way NEP that being carried out so far. Only benefit those greedy Malays!!!

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