Thursday, October 05, 2006

Haze oh Haze

The haze come at wrong time. But actually the haze normally come at this period, end of the year. My son just wanna recover from cough and flu, then this idiot haze "counter attack", thanks to our "responsible" neighbour. Now cough again plus flu.

Getting serious this morning, so PL sent him to see doctor in Serdang Perdana again. He got cough and some kind of breathing_system sensitive (or what ever you wanna call it - trakea infection). Try the medicine for few days, see how, if cannot, take antibiotic....

I hate the haze..... and i believe lot more of people hate it!!!


aruri said...

Take him to a pediatrician, instead of a GP. Could be infection of the bronchial region. Last time, doc prescribed Ventolin, which made Daniel restless, so we cut down the dose. Somehow the coughing and phlegm stopped after a couple of weeks.

Kean Hong said...

No la, the doc at serdang give steroid to him... and asthma medicine .. siao..

now the doc at Gleneagles change the medicine... celaka... cannot be trusted one, better dun go there anymore... rension sialll