Monday, October 09, 2006

Getting Worst

The haze just getting worst and the rain this morning just cant help anything... now from my office window (11.51 am), i cant even see clearly the China Bank which is less than 1km away... What the hell... Yesterday morning it seem very clear the sky, about noon i can smell something is burning then the haze just suddenly attacked!!! And the whole damn night cover by haze!!! All windows and doors must close tight to avoid this haze from attacking my Henn Henn.

What the heck our good neighbour going to do to control their farmers from keep on burning, like a mentrual cycle that will happen at end of the year every year without fail? I should bring my camera today to snap the KLCC, which seem like located at Genting Highland instead of city of KL.

Now i can read the words of Bank of China, the condition is improving. But who know later, thing change ..... Let us wait and see.

KL rain again... good sign!!


Wan Lin said...

You work in Wisma MCA?

Kean Hong said...

no la, i am now in MNI Twin Towers, near to UOA. To be exact, opposite Mandarine Oriental...

Wan Lin said...

oic. Then, I can catch you for lunch already. My office is just behind the MNI. It is beside Crown Plaza Hotel, called Wisma Antarabangsa.

Kean Hong said...

oh..another member around... it is like tresure hunt's game. more and more friends are discovered