Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Satellite or Star

To proof that Light is Satellite not a Star, i paste 3 photos here: Please Click the photo to enlarge it and find the "Object" with Red Circle.

1. Time 6.39 am, 5th June 2006

2. Time 6.31am, 7th June 2006

3. Time 6.21am, 13th June 2006


Ah Hong said...

our friend Ka Jin suggested that it might be the planet Venus. what do you think??

Boon Keat said...

Ha! ka jin have the same opinion with my previous comment (i just post it). I think this is high posibility a planet. but not sure is it venus or not.

Kean Hong said...

anyone can do some research on the net to confirm is it a Planet or ....?