Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I Got My Appointment !!!!

Yes, finally HUKM called me and fixed that date for appointment !!!! yes yes yes... Appointment for what? ok, for my "cacat" left knee, injured during when young (falling from tree, Starfruit tree) and again accident in cycling (Melaka Trithlon) when "old". Since then my knee become weaker and weaker. Running cannot, hiking cannot, cycling too far too long also cannot. Life become no fun when you cannot do all these activities especially you are still young.

But the appoinment really "long" la, submission of letter in early May, appointment in 13 October 2006. Five (5) month ler, what to do, government mah, cheap mah, mah wait long long loh...

Date of Appointment: 13 October 2006
Time: 8 - 11 am
Clinic: Sport Clinic, Orthopaedic Surgery, HUKM

For more information: visit


aruri said...

Congratulations! Speaking of knee, I heard a real story before., this guy was looking for a costume because he is in the arts,like drama play, so he went to this fancy-pantsy shop and ask the boss (speaking in not-very-good-hokkien) "Tau ke, lu uh stocking tao knee eh bo"
Boss was shocked and ask "Mana uh stocking tao ni eh?!"
He then corrected himself, "Em si teng nang eh ni, si ang moh eh ni (knee)" The boss laughed and asked, "Teng nang eh ni kak ang moh eh ni bo sio siang meh??"

Kean Hong said...

both also ni, but diff cup lo for teng nang and ang moh..haha