Wednesday, June 28, 2006


丁福南 (Hock Nam)? 谢宽泰 (Chia Kwang Chye)? 李家全 (Lee Kah Chuan)? 邓章耀 (Teng)? who will become Penang next chief minister after Dr Koh becoming Gerakan Chief next year?

随着民政党全国主席拿督斯里林敬益宣布,正式退位让署理主席许子根博士接任党代全国主席一职后,大家目前最关心的问题是:谁将接任槟州首席部长职?毕竟,随着许子根顺利接下全国主席的棒子及较后加入内阁后,槟州首席部长的位置需要填补。最关键的问题是,许首长至目前为止,仍未正式宣布由谁来担任其接班人,导致外间纷纷作出揣测。 不过许首长也极可能留任至下届大选才弃州议国而入阁。

will UMNO or MCA want to grab that post also? Or maybe Opposition? Who know in 2008 GE, what will happen then.... so many things that against Rakyat is happening now.... maybe the history will happen again in Penang (1969 GE)?

But it seem like GE is coming soon.... so many "activities" going on now especially in Penang.

but what ever it is, i will continue vote for Rocket although they are not capable to capture Penang State. At least Check & Balance must be there. Currently only one Dap, one Pas and one Adil in State Assembly Hall, all from Seberang Prai. Island belong to BN. Too Bad, the only "api" from Batu Lanchang also lost last GE. Time to Change.... what Digi always say.....

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