Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Wind of Resign - Time Bomb (Part III A)

Yesterday while i am travelling to Tangkak, on my way to Segamat, i got a news saying someone is tender the resignation letter, serving 24 hours notice (not confirm yet). He is MIS En Syed who replace Say Joo 2 weeks ago. He claimed he got better offer from a company in cyberjaya.. no choice la, Cyberjaya woh, betul and pure IT company, better go there and develope there. In this world, who can offer better, is the winner.

But for you Syed, sorry, you are the 7th person "voted" till now. I dun have the photo of him, as you can see, too "fast" for me to snap a photo.

FYI, i will post another Wind of Resign Part III B, soon, i mean very very soon.....

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