Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My House in Pg - Part 1

My House - part of Front View
For your information, my house in Penang, Batu Ferringhi will be demolished soon. I will take a lot of photos, everywhere, in the house till outside, surrounding area, trees, animals, sands, drain, grass, insects.............. since i was born there in 1976, till now, a lot of changes, my house from short become long, my playground from big to small (cause neaby area being used for housing area, i mean illegal type), the trees from short to tall, then become short again (being chopped), my bicycle (3 wheels cycle) become BMX, then Metal Frame Road Bike, then Mountain Bike, and of course me la, from little boy become a man with wife and my little dragon next year. Things change a lot, a lot. Grandfather and grandmother from young become old old man and woman, everyone grow older.

My house, actually is one of the 4 houses that built on this ground dated back to early 1900. Imagine, my grandfather was born in Penang and age nearly 90, so does my grandmother. Almost 100 years my Sim's Family settle in Penang, and this house too. But now, the house is gonna to be demolished soon, maybe next year, maybe another 2 or 3 years or more. What ever thing that gonna to happen in the future, whether this piece of land will become high end condo, or part of the coastal road that lead to Teluk Bahang, i hope that we, all the cucu cicik of Sim's Family, will always unite, forever.

My Grandfather's Garage
My grandfather's garage, used to keep his Bus Sekolah. Then his car, after that my uncle's VW van, now empty, just for hanging of cloths. haha. My grandfather use to sleep on the "1st floor" of this garage, but moved to "ground floor" at "East Wing" after this structure was declared as "unsafe", will runtuh anytime.

Jap's BOMB !!!
This is the Bomb that Japanese Zero War Plane dropped on top of Penang. My uncle found it on the beach Batu Ferringhi some time ago. It is "dead" and i will keep it. This is one of my "toy" during my childhood, kekeke. Give it to my little dragon to play next time.

Drilling Machine
One of the item in my grandfather's garage: Drilling Machine. Not from Bosch. Old fashion type, fully manual, use hand to drill. One of the experiment instrument for me when i was young. Still workable, no problem at all, just need to change the drill bit.

ok..To be continued next time .....


shyguy said...

what???!!!...u keep a bomb in ur house??...u must be crazy??...better let the museum people take it la....historical value for the country or...ur Penang Island la...

Kean Hong said...

wei, tomolo remember to bring you gf ah.. south city there, ...7.30 - 8.00 pm