Tuesday, December 20, 2005

B2K Year End Gathering 2005

Hello all, after some last minute invitation and planning, 10 persons were appeared that night. Me, Pui Ling, Chee How & Wife to be, Yang Ping & Wife to be, Boon Keat, Wai Kong, Ka Jin & Kwang Hui. Mun Wai gave aeroplane last minute. Weng Chung sick and dunwan to come.

Dinner started about 8 pm till 10.30 pm. Talk a lot la, from North to South, then travel to East Malaysia. Even called Kenny to disturd him.

Actually that night, ah Mok was in Subang Jaya having mamak tea with friends la. Dare to call me about 11 pm. mah deh.

Kenny even proposed to have our B2K Year 2006 gathering in Kuching. Any comment? high cost ler, better still he sponsor the air tickets la. Stay in his house.

For next year gathering, i propose some one else do it la, i am not that free anymore, you know la.

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shyguy said...

sorry guys...i was sick that day...and then...the next day i got to prepare to go Kluang, Johor for training....anyway...i hope u all have a good time there...sorry again....