Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My dSLR, in sleeping mode

Since i bought my dSLR D3000, i seldom take photos except my son and daugther, during CNY, my friends wedding dinner, etc. The rest of the time, it is just sleeping inside the bag (yes, still looking for the dry cabinet). I totally not taking any landscape and macro photos yet, which are my favourite.

From film photography till digital photography, the technology has evolved a lot. My old flash not able to work well with digital camera, i need a new flash. My kits lens only cover from 18 - 55mm, i need a telephoto lens. With limited budget in hand, i guess the priority item to purchase is dry cabinet, follow by end of the year flash, next year telephoto lens.

Time to go out and shoot more photos.

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Ally said...

Hahahha... Spend so much money to buy your dream camera, then keep in the bag.