Sunday, May 24, 2009

1 year in new company

Time flies, i have work in the current company for 1 year and 3 days now. Though it is very busy compared to previous company, yet my exposure to this CDM industry has increased very much. From previously only handled biogas project from palm oil industry in Malaysia, i am now involves in biogas project from palm oil industry, starch industry, composting project , solids separation cum composting project, biomass to heat project....... and soon project in animal waste to biogas.

Life in CDM always try to meet the dateline and the expiry date of the methodology, never ending of new methodologies and revised version, new guidelines and tools from EB that alway makes this industry becoming tougher and tougher yet the CERs that expected to get is becoming lesser & lesser. Will this industry come to the end after 2012? Nobody knows.

And finally my burden reduced end of this month with more project almost completed for 1st stage of validation. Really need to pray hard it will eventually registered in UNFCCC without request for review, really need to pai ang kong.

Last few day just welcome my colleague from Guatemala, a young lady, speak spanish and english. Have the chance to learn spanish now. Not going to update anything here untill next month. She was here for some exposure, i wonder why i don't have the chance to be exposed too in the foreign land? It must be very great right?

Anyway, i am committed to stay in Malaysia especially KL for next month and July. Wife is expecting to deliver anytime......Don't play-play ler......

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