Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fireflyz to Penang for CNY 2009

For this OX chinese new year, i went back to Penang alone and took Fireflyz's brand new ATR flight. As this is a small plane, therefore i also experenced the 1st-in-my-life's air turbulence. The plane's sudden drop-lift-drop-lift during take off scared most of the passengers of that flight especially children. And the young pretty girl who sit next to me even "freeze" on her chair and hold tight to the handle both hand.

The flight took only 1 hour. So if you include waiting time of minimum 30 min prior departure time, you only required 1.5 hr. Plus travelling time of 30 min from home to Subang airport, total time is 2hr only. Compared to driving home from KL, i think you need 7 hr during this CNY. If you were giving me the choice of Airasia and Fireflyz, i rather choose the later as it is nearer to KL, cheaper fare (depend on your luck) and in fact the air stewardes "not bad". Ah ha, they also provide FREE muffin and orange juice. The most important thing is Fireflyz flight schedule is on time, so far i only took 2 flight and is accurately took off and landed on time.

They even upgrading the existing Subang airport, you can enjoy your Coffee Bean's kopi before check-in, CIMB and Maybank for you and some shops selling dunno what thing (i did not check). You also can find the controversial EUROCOPTER base in Subang Airport.


Ally said...

You didn't hold her hand and soothe her ah. hahahhaa

Kean Hong said...

hahaha, i think she will hold tight my hand if i rest my arm there. But it was really a scary moment. Sweat after that moment!

KokHong said...

ah sim got 艳遇。 PL 可要小心。