Tuesday, January 06, 2009

1 Year since 04 Jan 2008

1 year gone and yet my left knee not fully recover yet, what a setback. Been progressing well in term of flexibility but not on the muscle strength. Few reasons, but the main one is to blame myself of laziness. Tend to find a lot of excuses of not doing the exercise at home.

Padam muka hang ni.

Anyway, this is life, the journey started, you got to move forward. Ok, will go to hotel gym room that operate 24 hr for "cycling" later. Must push the muscle, make them work!

I still can't run properly (still limping at the speed of 7km / hr) though cycling is not an issue now. I am able to cycle 6.5 km in 15 min in gym room. Though not very fast, but mainly due to warming up of few minutes that average out my speed.

Therefore, guys becareful when sport, don't involve in sports accident! Eventhough you may think cycling is "safe". Thanks to Melaka Trithlon 2003!