Monday, July 07, 2008

Weng Chung & Yang Ping

One is enjoying at home, one is suffering in hospital.

CWC enjoys because he lost his freedom, YP suffers because he wanted to enjoy! Two different people having 2 different stories.

They do have things in common, they both are Dragon, married this year, and married super junior!


chongwah said...

Oh my god... Poor YP... Rollerblate at 32yr old is the cause of all!!!

Recover well ya... Sim, send my regards pls. TQTQ.

yangpinglee said...

Thank you for your concern. Now resting at home. Hope could recover before go to Germany early next month.

Ally said...

I could've visited you in Spore.

Are you sure you sprained your ankle rollerblading... and not some other acrobatic stunts.

饼干及面包 said...

take care, yang ping.
CWC.....married to whom?