Thursday, July 24, 2008

CPI 7.7%

CPI is 7.7%, more than double from previous month of 3.8%, what the hell.

When the government increased the fuek price to RM2.70/liter, the world price was ~USD 135/barrel. Today the price is ~ USD 124-125/barrel, should the government decrese the fuel price as it is now "floating" according to market rate?

My RM is shrinking daily .......

Means while, Bank Negara is having a meeting tomorrow to discuss the interest rate. Seem like this time around they are going to raise it, and i am sure people like me will suffer the most as BLR for my housing loan will increase as well. Bravo, the government!

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KIAN MING said...

I'm agree with you. 現在我就好" 月光族“-每個月把薪水花光光一族。比較起幾年前,目前總是錢不夠用!!!
生活中要省,省, 省! 看來爲了省錢得換一輛馬賽地了! 呵呵!