Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Penang New World

Nyonya Baba Cuisine
Can't even wait for the food
Penang New World
Another View
PL & HH on trishaw
Another view
Eng Hong - Still available!!!!!

Later at night, we went to New World, near Jalan Burma and Nagore Place for dinner. We had our dinner at Nyonya Baba Cuisine and later go to Steam Boat next door at Nagore Street.

And we ate till 11 pm something. The steam boat is RM19.90 per pax and unlimited. Please do not waste the foods, else you need to pay RM5 per 100g of wasted foods!

The Nyonya Baba Cuisine - the cook is the old Ah Mah. I think she is the real Nyonya kot? Anyway, a lot of foreigners there to try it! For us, Penangite, it seem like just ordinary hokkien foods cook by my grandma and mohter. No offence!

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