Wednesday, January 02, 2008

1st Time using Ferry, Penang

This is the 1st time my son taking ferry to go to Penang Island! But somehow i did not know that the fare for ferry increased to RM 7.70. RM0.70 more expensive compared to Penang Bridge yet still make a big loss for 2007, but somehow you save on petrol that will definitely cost you more than 70c.

But using the existing road that so called "upgraded" claimed by one indian miniter really pissed me off. Not because i can't afford to pay RM0.50, it is just because that road been existed for n-years! What the HELL!!! This is part of BORR highway.

That toll if i am not mistaken called Sg Nyior! Damn it, do not introduce toll in Penang Island, else......... wait and see!

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