Wednesday, April 26, 2006


woi, all my chinese friends in Penang, island or mainland, those who marry, faster a bit, work harder, day and night, produce your next generation. For those who is still single, also move faster, find your ideal partner, kahwin cepat-cepat, beranak cepat-cepat too.... Penang Chinese population is now left 43.4%, DROP 1.4% in 4 years. Malays 41.1%, Indians 10.1%, Non-Malaysians 5%, Others 0.4%.






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Wong Soon Yim said...

wei..although u r from pg... but your son r not. he is registered under selangor or KL. will it help to increase the chinese population in pg?

Kean Hong said...

no at the moment, but the figure will increase 2 later, PL n Henn Henn. Anyway, i am still cast my vote in PG next GE 2008. hehe

Boon Keat said...

I'm back up in Perak. Will try to maintain chinese population in Ipoh.

Kean Hong said...

but u need to find a partner 1st la, BK. Otherwise, only talk....

Wong Soon Yim said...

will your son vote in pg?... who know?