Friday, August 13, 2010

Sushi King & Sunflower Rice Mill - Visit

Followed my son to Sushi King to learn making sushi and then to Sunflower rice mill to see how the rice we cook at home is prepared.

The rice use for making sushi is KOME-Chan, round and short type of rice. Khang Henn and his friend were taught to make Nigiri and Gunkan type of sushi. And for parent and teachers were taught to make Temaki (and i won the best looking Temaki, worth RM10 voucher).

 See some photos from Sushi King:

Then they went to playground and they played like mad. Scary.

Finally, we went to Sunflower rice mill, by that time, all were tired and hungry plus sleepy. We were briefed how the rice is harvest, process, polish until packing. A mini machines to demo made the children understand easily. Then parent like me and teachers started to shopping, buying varieties of rice, from Taiwan, India and locals.


Ally said...

He has grown so much!! Big boy already. His school sounds a lot more fun than JB schools.

Rice mill said...

I love sushi and good cook also. I have rise mill plant i can provide rice mill for sushi

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