Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nightmare just begun for Petronas

If a person that can't even feel ashame by not paying his loan they obtained from Petronas even though it is thier responsibility to do so (though he may pay up by now after all Malaysian knew that he is loan defaulter) and he is being appointed as Director in Petronas now, what else the worst things you can think of for Petronas?

If a commercially run big corporation,
top 500 in the world, has someone from political background just because he is linked to no. 1 man in Malaysia, has joined the board of director, what is the disaster to this Malaysian own Petronas?

Is his appointment as director is so coincidently link to the
sponsorship of 1Malaysia F1 Team when the team is actively loooking for financial support?

Or Najib's administration is so deperately needs money to fund his financial stimulus package as well as his RM1b/mth spending budget?

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