Sunday, September 06, 2009

Dialogue Section 23 - KECOH

One word, uncivilized!

Words such as "Khalid babi", "MB bodoh" were used by the angry "residents".

Mean while, the relocation of temple is put on hold, searching for a better area to relocate, maybe a place where the Malays, Chinese, Indian and others can tolerate much better than residents of Section 23?

At the same time, 16 person mainly from Hindraf were detained by police for candlelight vigil at KL tonight.

When can Malaysians grow up and live in harmony? Is the Pendidikan Moral that we used to learn in school fail to teach Malaysians to behave morally? Maybe the policy that UMNO always fight for, especially after GE12 308, has been effectively stirred the emotion of the Malaysian, not only Malay but also other races, to fight for their own rights. And that is what has been happened to Cow Head demo.

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