Friday, July 17, 2009

Not Only Police, Now MACC as well

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DAP Seri Kembangan DUN's aide Teo Beng Hock was found dead at MACC HQ Selangor (Plaza Masalam), less than 24 hour after he was taken away for investigation from Selangor government building. He still wearing the same shirt, jacket the day he was found dead from falling from MACC office (maybe).

What the damn fark thing is this? He was found dead during the time he was with MACC, so MACC don't ever give any blardy excuses, try to sweep this sad news under the carpet, Malaysian will always circulate the news in the blogs to remind the forgetfull Malaysian. DAMN YOU MACC.

Teo supposed to get register with his girl friend and will having thier wedding dinner this coming October 2009. Now, it was left to sad and heart broken news!

UMNO must fall, so to the BN!!! They have to pay the price for this!!!


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KIAN MING said...

纳兹里一句“我们怎知道他要跳楼?”.how can a menteri said like that. 1 life is gone already, so sad!!!!!!
Agree with u , time to change!!!