Friday, July 31, 2009

New Nikon D300s & D3000

Two new dSLR at one time, D300s and D3000. One is 12.3 m Pixels, another is 10.2 m Pixels. I guess the price for D3000 should be around RM2,500 looking at the specs similar to D60 and less powerful than D5000.

some comparison of camera of Nikon in term of specs. Which one to buy now? D90? D5000? D3000? or budget type D60? There are some comments for D300s and D3000 from the photography world.
Anyway, buying of camera's plan defer further to next year after i have committed another BIG project recently.

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gate valves said...

is saw the D300s two days ago and i cant help myself drool. i love that camera..