Friday, June 19, 2009

Unity Government?

When we decide to change in 308 GE, we have concluded that we discarded BN especially UMNO. What the heck is that when PAS (not all the leaders) is proposing (and in fact secretly met UMNO leaders in the past) to form the unity government? Are they (again, not all the leaders) can't wait for another 3-4 years to become miniters or even PM in the government? Gila kuasa?

These jokers of UMNO-friendly PAS leaders should in fact quit PAS and join UMNO, they can carry away thier MP seats to UMNO, i believe PR won't even feel sad to lose 2/3 majority as long as these cancerous cells/organs is remove from the body. At least the body and soul can still survive, loosing out part of the organs is nothing much to concern as long as you can live longer and continue the spirit by producing younger generation ......

I hope this is clear enough for those jokers from PAS.

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