Monday, June 22, 2009

F1 and PAS Malaysia

Both are very different in the operation and characteristics.

One is automobile, glamour, rich & famous sport, speed is the matter.
Another one is a Islamic political party, only available in Malaysia, especially West Malaysia, power is the matter.

But both have the same fate, that is "split-into-two", soon to be, if no real action is taken. But it seem like F1 gonna split 1st, as FOTA has agreed to form a new series next season to fight current F1 series. and FIA is tough on their decision as well.

Will PAS split into 2 as well? Ask Hadi then!

By the way, Red Bull finished 1-2 in the British Grand Prix. Superb performance....... Where is rich & famous teams? Eat the dust again.....

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