Friday, April 03, 2009

God Save Malaysia

Another 9 hr, the RAHMAN legend will be completed with Najib become 6th PM of Malaysia. And also this day, Friday, will be marked as black friday even though it is not 13 Friday. Never before there is some one with so many "news" become Malaysia PM.

I just wonder what is gonna happen when our next PM goes for a Summit Meeting and meet the head of Mongolia government. Will the Mongolia PM ask Najib, "Where is my Mongolian Beauty and the commission that she supposed to get, she supposed to pay tax lah?"

And also our next PM should never ever step on the soil of France, as he is very famous in that country.

Anyway, everything is fixed. He is Malaysia's 6th PM. Just accept the truth and live with it, and end with it as well. The RAHMAN legend shall end in UMNO! We shall put our hope in Malaysia's 7th PM, does not matter is who as long as not from UMNO!



Ally said...

Why is he famous in France?

Kean Hong said...

Refer this:

and this:

eventually one reporter from France revealed the "killing scene" in the paper in France. So he is very famous now in the world, especially France.

Thanks to Altan....errhh, cant mention her name.