Thursday, April 09, 2009

Back Door Ministers?

It seems like a lot of back door ministers going to be appointed for the new "slimmer" cabinet. It does not matter if you can't win in General Election or By-Election, as long as you are the President or Head of Youth or Woman Wing of either one of the 13 component parties in BN, you can become Minister.

While MCA is hoping for a deputy PM 1 from Najib, maybe thier wish not going to be granted instead their quota for 4 ministers and 6 deputy ministers might be reduced to 3 ministers & 4 deputy ministers.

All are rumours lah, but in Malaysia rumours always turn into truth! We shall wait and see at 3pm today.

Anyway, you all know what, we are living in the Land of Boleh! There is nothing impossible in the mind of Malaysian! We are BOLEHMAN living in BOLEHLAND!

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