Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Freedom in Malaysia?

Just to tell you a secret. My Middle-East neighbourhood has found their "freedom" in Malaysia. I was never believe it when people told me about the "freedom" they are enjoying when out of their home coutries. To be honest, i never know which country they come from, but for sure Middle East.

One find day, myself and HH was sweeping the floor near the staircase. I noticed a full naked man standing at the balcony hanging his cloths. A day before this, his wife (should be) also hanging the cloths at the balcony but of course not naked, yet only with bra and panty!!!

Are they so "open", huh? Just can't believe it! Even Malaysian can't "perform" till that level, can you?

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Ally said...

Wow. Please tell me where you live. Share the entertainment la.