Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lampung, Sumatra

Still wondering in Lampung, Sumatra and will fly to Jakarta on Thursday evening flight. The travelling schedule is killingn me.

Day 1:
From my Serdang house, took my taxi at 8.20am, boarding at 10.45am and reached Jakarta international airport 2 hour later (12.00 pm Indonesia time). Took a shutter bus to domestic airport, FOC. Wait for Sri Wijaya air for Lampung, Sumatra at 4.40pm. In the airport, a lot of kids asking for shoes polishing services, i means they are young kids, less than 10 maybe, not going to school, or too poor for school. Also there are people selling buaya L**C***, that is the word he used when approaching us.

Reached Lampung 25 min later and jammed all the way to city (40 min). The driver has a special skill, he will never stop overtaking vehicles infront of him, no matter is uphill, downhill, left or right corners, "double line"...... Superb, but just kesian the motor bike drivers, always kena squeze left and right. Furthermore, these bikes always carry baby with them and drive very slow while the cars are farking fast.

Free shutter bus

5,200 rupiah only = RM 1.80

waiting for my transit flight

From Jakarta to Sumatra

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