Monday, November 17, 2008

Lampung, Sumatra (2)

Day 2:

Start my busy travelling schedule. Wait up at 5am as i still used to the Malaysia time, Sumatra and Jawa is one hour earlier than Malaysia. Surf some net, checking my email. Go to lunch at 7 am and left hotel at 7.45am. It is a nice and peaceful hotel, Sheraton. However, to enter the hotel area, cars need to be scanned for any bomb threat.

The journey took 3 hr to reach the site and 3 hour is equivalent to <100km superb over taking skill, i think the journey will took more than 4 hr then.

Spent some time at site, eating groundnuts and mandarine oranges while auditing. Then go to bath under the hot sun for hour, checking the ponds, bioreactor and get to know how is soya plant look like.

Finished the audit and took another 3 hour journey back to city. Took our dinner at hotel, sea foods!

Night live in Lampung? Not really know, but i think the city is not really alive at night as to compare to Jakarta.

At least i saw the Poorest and the Richest, great different in wealth distribution. Imagine you need to sell 22 kg (~ 5,000 rupiah) of ubi kayu to enable you to buy a High-5 type of bread while in Jakarta, people are eating a 100,000 Rupiah dinner which is equivalent to > 1/9 of total income for rural folks in a month.

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