Monday, October 06, 2008

Hyper Active Mode

My son HH recently getting more active than ever. He will keeps on disturbing his mom (80%)and myself (20%), all sort of actions, some how like playing Olympic-type-of-wrestling. Using his body, legs, arms, trying to push, step, sit on you.

I believe our local selling milk powder do not contain Melamine, but somehow a lot of children who consume this so-called high DHA, SA, bla bla bla milk powder seem to have the same behavior - HYPER ACTIVE!

I have to ask friend of mine regarding this matter since we are having the about the same age of children.......

Can't even rest on a single minute as HH don't even fell tired! POWERFUL Milk!!!

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饼干及面包 said...

haha.....i agree with u that the milk is the cause.
Due to high doses of these kind of supplements, children body is not trained to produce it automatically in the future. Some disaster may happen soon. Who know.....:(