Friday, November 13, 2009

MRT Singapore

Took MRT for the first time. At least it is not that pack compared to KL LRT. Sound wise, same same lah, noisy also. The system is far more complete than KL, linking all the different line. In KL, rain is ok. Rain? Than good luck lo.

One thing i like Singapore is there are a lot of trees planting along the road. Making the city not so hot. That is what KL needs to do, at least place some trees on the big pot if there is no "soil" for planting. Green makes eyes feel better.


Ally said...

Hello friend, the MRT can be VERY packed depending on the time and the area. You were just lucky.

And yes, plant more trees please. Trees relieves stress and make people happier.

Kean Hong said...

the time i took the train is 6pm ler...was very packed initially, n more ppl get out the train after certain station.