Friday, September 26, 2008

ShenZou VII & Melamine

China made another history when sent her spacecraft into orbit and going to perform their 1st ever space walk. The world is watching this moment especially super power country like USA and Russia.


Mean while, the world is also watching how China handle the Melamine issue. Yesterday MOH announced 7 products so far free from Melamine in Malaysia.

They are:
1. Chocolate Coated Wafer (Passion)
2. Oreo White Chocolate Wafer Stick (Kraft)
3. Mini Cornetto Chocomint & Tiramisu Flavour (Wall's)
4. Moo Soft Cookie Sandwich (Wall's)
5. 123 Milk Powder Honey Flavoured (Dutch Lady)
6. Strawberry Flavoured Milk (Dutch Lady)
7. Baby Milk Powder (Frisolac)

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